Defence of bachelor theses (IBB) at our department

26. dubna
28. června

Bachelor Thesis, that have been elaborated under supervision by our staff, will be submitted at the Department of World Economy (KSE) hand over to a secretary Vladislava Černá.

A deadline for submission for the defence in May/June 2019 is

26th April 2019 (by 1 p.m.)

In a case of the defence in September/October 2019, the deadline is

28th June 2019 (within the office hours of secretariat KSE)


Students have to submit two bound hard copies of their final thesis. Together with the two hard copies, students have to bring a printed confirmation (an email) that they automatically receive when they correctly upload and submit their bachelor thesis to InSIS. It will serve as a confirmation that the thesis uploaded in time. The bachelor thesis title printed in the hard copy has to be identical with the topic assigned in InSIS. If not, the thesis cannot be accepted. The bachelor thesis has to be signed inside by the author (student) as a declaration that all sources have been properly cited.

Students, who plan to submit their Bachelor Thesis, have to enrol themselves for the course 2OBP (Bachelor Thesis Defence). How to enrol for the course: link.


Thesis Defence

The thesis defence is based on a presentation in which student describes:

  • a main goal of the thesis and also partial aims of individual chapters
  • methods applied in the thesis
  • primary literature
  • answers on partial aims of the thesis (incl. presented figures, tables etc.)
  • answer on the main goal of the thesis (incl. presented figures, tables etc.)
  • problems that emerged during processing of the thesis, or possibly those for further research
  • answers on questions from a supervisor’s review
  • answers on questions from a opponent’s review

The presentation should take approximately 15 minutes. It’s prepared in PowerPoint.